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Mental Health First

The Happy Pill (BEAM) token is a way to invest in crypto that puts mental health first. We hope to bring positive change by fostering a community of like-minded folks.
Our project will provide investors access to custom resources that address mental health and foster a community of support and positivity. The BEAM token will be used to reward individuals who actively contribute to the mental health of the cryptocurrency community. Investors may soon be able to engage online with qualified mental health professionals safely and securely.
Please let us know if you have questions, comments, or concerns about our project. Our development team would be happy to assist you however we can!
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What is Cryptomylitis?

Cryptomylitis is a (fictional) condition that affects cryptocurrency traders who have been scammed or rug-pulled multiple times. It is a form of deep depression caused by the emotional trauma of being taken advantage of financially.
Cryptomylitis may include feeling overwhelmed, lacking motivation, difficulty concentrating, sleeping too much or too little, feeling worthless, and having suicidal thoughts. These symptoms can be debilitating and can lead to long-term psychological issues.
Those affected by Cryptomylitis may feel isolated and unable to trust anyone in cryptocurrency trading. They may also struggle to make decisions and be highly risk-averse.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Happy Pill?

It's a clever concept of helping people in Crypto get through tough times through community-supported efforts. Through the power of each other, we can take steps to avoid rug pulls, lift each other's spirits, and work together to create long-term success. Our first release is a mobile application that promotes positive mental health. We have also released BEAM Mental Health magazine.

Who created the concept?

A group of business professionals from the Degen Brands Agency conceived the project after being rugged too numerous times to count. Like our community, we have all felt the pain of the scum in hiding, waiting to steal our hard-earned money. We have the skills to advance the project, but we'll need your assistance supporting the cause. Please support SAFU projects, make Crypto better.

What's the plan?

The plan is to work together like a normal group of people, trying to obtain one goal: success. That means not jeeting on your co-investors, only taking responsible profits, and working for your bags. On the development side, our team will continue to push innovations related to the project and keep the community updated consistently. We are in this together!

How do I support the mission?

The Happy Pill investor may support the token by actively providing feedback, discussing the token’s prospects in Telegram, and engaging in social media. Additionally, an investor may support the token by spreading awareness and encouraging others to invest. By doing these things, the investor can help to create a strong foundation for the token’s long-term success.

January 2023

BEAM Magazine

Welcome to BEAM, a magazine devoted to mental health issues related to crypto trading. We explore the psychological aspects of navigating the volatile crypto market and its effect on our mental well-being.
The cover of Beam Magazine.
Identifying Trading Addiction
This article discusses the signs and risks of trading addiction.
Best Practices for Crypto
Strategies for crypto traders to maximize their profits and avoid rug pulls.
What is Crypto Trading Burnout?
Examine the exhaustion that can occur from trading cryptocurrencies.
Turning to Friends and Family
Discussing the benefits of relying on friends and family for support.
Social Media and Crypto Trading
Explore the effects of Crypto-related social media interaction.
Making a Difference in Crypto!
How individuals can make a positive impact in the world of Crypto.
Managing Crypto Trading Anxiety
Review ways to cope with the stress of trading cryptocurrencies.

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